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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Jan 7 Report            ER14-1050 et al.
    Last Update: Feb 12 1:45pm                        FCM Performance Incentives 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Feb 12 Importers’ FCA Offers Revs/ Mitigation ER15-117-003
FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider Public Citizen request for rehearing of Dec 15 order
Feb 10 FCA8 Results ER14-1409 UWUA Local 464 amends its April 14, 2014 Protest and their June 11, 2014 Answer protesting the FCA8 Results Filing
Feb 6 FROC MR Changes ER15-1009 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly submit a revised Tariff Section III.10.4 to change the calculation of the Forward Reserve Obligation Charge that is assessed against Market Participants with resources that participate in the Forward Reserve Market and provide Operating Reserves; comment date Feb 27 
Feb 6 Regional Report ER14-2407 ISO-NE files 2nd progress report related to the 2014-2015 Winter Reliability Program
Feb 6 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200 Settlement Judge Coffman schedules 3rd settlement conference for Mar 27
Feb 6 203: Dynegy/ EquiPower EC14-140
Applicants submit response to Jan 16 request for additional information
Feb 5 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Judge Sterner issues an order setting the updated data cutoff date at May 26, 2015
Feb 5 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200 2nd settlement conference held; Chief Judge issues order continuing settlement proceedings
Feb 4 ORTP Exemption for Distrib Renew Tech Resources ER15-716 NEPGA answers ISO’s Jan 28 comments
Feb 3 Emera/Black Bear LSA Termination ER15-962 Emera and ISO-NE file notice of termination of LSA with Black Bear (covering the Howland Project); comment date Feb 24
Feb 3 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200  Settle Judge Coffman issues report recommending that settlement proceedings continue
Feb 2 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
TOs submit testimony and exhibits: W. Avera/A. McKenzie; E. Lapson
Feb 2 FERC Enforcement IN15-4 FERC issues show cause order and notice of proposed penalties (in total, $5.05 million civil penalties) to Maxim Power and K. Mitton ; answer date Mar 4
Feb 2 FERC Enforcement IN15-3 Powhatan
IN15-3 H. Chen
Powhatan Respondents submits answers to Dec 12 Powhatan Show Cause Order
Jan 30 NEPGA PER Complaint EL15-25 FERC denies NEPGA Complaint seeking modification or elimination of the FCM PER Adjustment mechanism.  Clark/Moeller joint statement 
Jan 30 New Entry Pricing Rule Complaint EL15-23  FERC denies Exelon/Calpine Complaint finding that there had not been a showing that the New Entry Pricing Rule (which permits a new entrant to “lock in” the clearing price from its first FCA for up to 7 years) results in unjust, unreasonable or unduly discriminatory price suppression 
Jan 30 FCM Admin. Pricing Rules Complaint EL14-7  FERC denies NEPGA request for rehearing and/or clarification of the Jan 24, 2014 FCM Administrative Pricing-related orders, (i) disagreeing with NEPGA’s assertion that the FERC did not justify its use of a balancing approach in rejecting NEPGA’s proposal for ORTP-based administrative pricing; (ii) rejecting NEPGA's arguments concerning the Capacity Carry Forward Rule and New Entrant Pricing; and (iii) in distinguishing ISO-NE' and PJM's new entrant pricing rules, finding NEPGA had not shown ISO-NE's new entrant pricing to be unjust and unreasonable 
Jan 30 Demand Curve Changes ER14-1639  FERC denies rehearing, but provides a clarification (agreeing with Exelon and Entergy that a resource that elects to utilize the renewables minimum offer price rule exemption should not also be allowed to utilize the new resource lock-in) and directs ISO-NE to  submit a 30-day compliance filing (clarifying that a resource may not utilize both the renewable resource exemption and the new resource price lock-in)
Jan 30 Jan 24, 2014 Exigent Circum- stances Order ER14-463 FERC denies NEPGA request for rehearing or clarification; FERC emphasizes it expectation that "ISO-NE will submit the zonal demand curve changes in time to allow for review, approval, and implementation for FCA 10"
Jan 30 Membership ER15-937 NEPOOL files membership terminations for Dominion Retail, Hess (Jan 1, 2015), and the Cianbro, PalletOne, and Hannaford Companies (Feb 1, 2015)
Jan 30 Regional Interest ER15-947 CL&P files IA with Energy Stream
Jan 30 Regional Interest ER15-939 WMECO files second amendment to HG&E Demarcation Agreement
Jan 29 FAP Min. Cap. Req. Changes ER15-593 FERC accepts FAP Changes, effective Feb 5, 2015
Jan 28 Info Policy Clean-Up Changes ER15-600 FERC accepts changes, effective Feb 9, 2015
Jan 28 ORTP Exemption for Distrib Renew Tech Resources ER15-716 ISO-NE answers NEPGA's Jan 13 comments
Jan 27 ARA ICR-Related Values and HQICCs ER15-555 FERC accepts ICR-Related Values and HQICCs for 2015/16 ARA3, 2016/17 ARA2, and 2017/18 ARA1
Jan 26 Importers’ FCA Offers Revs/ Mitigation ER15-117-003
NEPGA answers Public Citizen Jan 14 rehearing request
Jan 23 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
FERC issues tolling order on TOs' Dec 24 request for rehearing of Nov 24 order
Jan 22 NOPR: Gas/Elec
RM14-2 ISO-NE submits data responses regarding the frequency and timing of generators’ exhausting their daily nomination of natural gas transportation service prior to the end of the gas day during 2013 and 2014; comments due Feb 2
Jan 22 Regional Interest ER15-589 FERC accepts CMP/Atlantic Wind E&P Agreement
Jan 21 Membership Not Docketed ISO-NE files notice of Jan 20 suspension of Cape Wind Associates from New England Markets
Jan 20 Winter 2014/15 Reliability Prog. ER15-2407 FERC grants NEPGA's request for clarification of Sep 9 order: ISO-NE must "determine whether a winter reliability solution is necessary for the 2015-2016 winter and future winters, and, if so, develop an appropriate market-based solution through the stakeholder process that can be implemented beginning with the 2015-2016 winter"
Jan 16 FCA9 Qual. Info Filing ER15-328 FERC accepts FCA9 Informational Filing and grants ISO-NE’s request to qualify an add'l 5 MW of new capacity for FCA 9
Jan 16 NEPGA PER Complaint EL15-25 NEPOOL answers Jan 7 NEPGA answer
Jan 16 203: Dynegy/ EquiPower EC14-140
FERC issues deficiency letter requiring submission by Feb 16 (i) a Delivered Price Test for the PJM market, and the AP South, 5004/5005, and PJM East submarkets; and (ii) additional info. regarding the transactions' effect on rates
Jan 15 FCM PI Jump Ball Compliance Filing II ER14-2419-002 FERC accepts ISO-NE compliance filing revising Market Rule 1 Section 13.7 to strike language rejected by the Oct 2 Order
Jan 15 Regional Report ER07-476 ISO-NE files 25th Quarterly Status Report regarding LFTR Implementation
Jan 15 Regional Interest ER15-418 FERC issues deficiency letter on National Grid's IFA Amendments Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing
Jan 14 FCA Imports Offer Review/ Mitigat'n Compl. Filing ER15-117 ISO-NE files correction to cross-reference in Section III. (Qualification Determination Notification for New Import Capacity Resources); comment date Feb 4
Jan 14 Importers’ FCA Offers Revs/ Mitigation ER15-117-003
Public Citizen requests rehearing of Dec 15 order
Jan 14 CSO Deferral: Footprint Notice ER14-2440 Footprint notifies FERC that it closed, on Jan 9, on the financing nec. to proceed with construction of the new Salem Harbor Facility, crediting FERC's issuances in this and its individual proceeding as critical to its achieving the milestone
Jan 13 FCA9 Info Filing: New Import Capac. Resources ER15-640 FERC accepts ISO-NE’s determination of the New Resource Offer Floor Price for each New Import Capacity Resource requesting to submit offers in FCA9 at prices below the relevant ORTP
Jan 13 ORTP Exemption for Distrib Renew Tech Resources ER15-716 NEPGA submits comments
Jan 13 Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing ER15-414 Complainant-Aligned Parties answer TOs' Dec 23 answer
Jan 12 Membership  Not Docketed ISO-NE files notice of Jan 5 suspension of Pacific Summit Energy LLC from New England Markets; Pacific Summit cures Payment Default
Jan 12 Regional Interest  EC15-44 FERC approves Terra From/SunEdison acquisition of First Wind
Jan 9 PRD Reserve Market Changes ER15-257 FERC accepts PRD Reserve Market changes, effective Jan 12, 2015, and Jun 1, 2017, as requested
Jan 9 Information Policy Clean-Up Changes ER15-600-002 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file errata to Dec 11 filing to include the removal of an outdated provision concerning weekly trans. facility de-ratings reports from Section 3.0(a)
Jan 9 LVA/PSNH IA Complaint EL15-9 PSNH answers LVA Dec 26 answer
Jan 8 Membership ER15-513 FERC accepts the following memberships: Athens Energy; Blue Sky West; Canandaigua Power Partners; Hawkes Meadow Energy; Mass Solar 1, LLC; The Moore Company; Moore Energy; Nalcor Energy Marketing; SmartEnergy Holdings; TEC Energy; Termination: TrueLight Commodities
Jan 8 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200  Settlement Judge Coffman schedules 2nd settlement conference for Feb 5
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