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Litigation Updates & Reports

  Activity Since the Dec 3 Report            ER14-1050 et al.
    Last Update: Jan 7 11:30pm                         FCM Performance Incentives 
Date Proceeding
Docket Brief Description
Jan 9 PRD Reserve Market Changes ER15-257 FERC accepts PRD Reserve Market changes, effective Jan 12, 2015, and Jun 1, 2017, as requested
Jan 9 Information Policy Clean-Up Changes ER15-600-002 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file errata to Dec 11 filing to include the removal of an outdated provision concerning weekly trans. facility de-ratings reports from Section 3.0(a)
Jan 9 LVA/PSNH IA Complaint EL15-9 PSNH answers LVA Dec 26 answer
Jan 8 Membership ER15-513 FERC accepts the following memberships: Athens Energy; Blue Sky West; Canandaigua Power Partners; Hawkes Meadow Energy; Mass Solar 1, LLC; The Moore Company; Moore Energy; Nalcor Energy Marketing; SmartEnergy Holdings; TEC Energy; Termination: TrueLight Commodities
Jan 7 NEPGA PER Complaint  EL15-25 NEPGA answers pleadings responding to its Complaint, including Jan 8 errata
Jan 7 NEPGA DR Capacity Complaint EL15-21 Environmental Advocates also move to lodge materials related to extension of stay of mandate in EPSA v. FERC
Jan 7 NOPR: Interstate Nat Gas Pipeline and Public Utility Scheduling Coordination RM14-2 FERC grants Jan 5 request; RTO/ISO responses due Jan 22; comments on RTO/ISO responses due Feb 2
Jan 5 PRD Reserve Market Changes ER15-257-001
 & (part 2)
ISO-NE submits 2-part correction to effective date of Section III.2.7(a) (to Jun 1, 2017)
Jan 5 Rate ER09-1532 PTO AC submits supplement to Jul 31, 2014 2014/15 informational filing, identifying revised information from NGrid that results in adjustments to the 2014/15 RNS (increase of $0.48258/kW-yr), TOUT (to be increased consistent with RNS increase), and S&D (decrease of $0.04684/kW-yr) rates
Jan 5 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200  Chief Judge appoints Judge David H. Coffman as the Settlement Judge; first settlement conference Jan 8, 2015
Jan 5 NOPR: Interstate Nat Gas Pipeline and Public Utility Scheduling Coordination RM14-2 ISO/RTO Council, including ISO-NE, requests extension of time, to and including Jan 22, to respond to the Dec 12 data requests regarding operational impacts of natural gas-fired generators running out of their daily nomination of natural gas transportation service during the morning electric ramp
Jan 2 2018/19 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs ER15-325 FERC accepts ISO-NE-proposed 2018/19 ICR, HQICCs, and Related Values; ISO-NE expected to fully explore the incorporation of DG into the ICR calculation in the stakeholder process, and implement for FCA-10
Dec 31 New Entry Pricing Rule Complaint EL15-23 Exelon and Calpine respond to Dec 16 ISO-NE response, protests and comments
Dec 31 Market Rule Changes ER15-369 FERC accepts FCM Administrative Clarifications and FCM Non-Commercial Capacity Conforming changes to Market Rule 1, effective Jan 30, 2015 and Jun 1, 2018 as requested
Dec 30 Membership  ER15-780 Memberships: Convergent Energy and Power; Denver Energy; Peninsula Power; Quantum Utility Generation; Wallingford Energy II; and Longwood Medical Energy Collaborative; Terminations: DB Energy Trading; Open Book Energy; Kennebec River Energy; Marden's
Dec 30 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Direct testimony submitted by EMCOS (workpapers) & (errata); Complainant-Aligned Parties: Testimony/Exhibits (7 MB); Workpapers P1 (77 MB);  Workpapers P2 (84 MB)
Dec 30 IA CMP/Kennebec Water District ER15-757 CMP files Interconnection Agreement with Kennebec Water District to govern the interconnection of KWD's 800 kV facility in Waterville, Maine
Dec 26 LVA/PSNH IA Complaint EL15-9 LVA answers PSNH's Dec 11 response
Dec 24 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
TOs request rehearing of Nov 24 order
Dec 24 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA  ER15-200 FERC conditionally accepts unexecuted LGIA; sets proposed operation, maintenance, and capital cost reimbursement charges for hearing and settlement judge procedures
Dec 23 ORTP  Exemption for Distrib Renew Tech Resources  ER15-716 ISO-NE and NEPOOL file ORTP Exemption for Distributed Renewable Technology Resources; comment date Jan 13
Dec 23 CL&P/CPV Engineering, Design Agm't ER15-715 CL&P submits executed Engineering, Design, Permitting and Siting Agreement with CPV governing 795 MW Oxford, CT natural-gas fired facility; comment date Jan 13
Dec 23 NEPGA PER Complaint  EL15-25 ISO-NE Responds to Complaint; Entergy, GDF Suez file supporting comments; NEPOOL submits comments; CT PURANESCOE file protests 
Dec 23 Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing ER15-414 TOs answer DEC 8 EMCOS and Complaint-Aligned Parties' protests
Dec 22 NEPGA PER Complaint EL15-25 EPSA files comments supporting NEPGA’s complaint and encouraging FERC to grant requested relief
Dec 22 Regulation Market Dispatch Changes ER14-2918 FERC accepts changes, effective Mar 31, 2015
Dec 19 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Briefs addressing Data Cutoff Issue submitted by TOsFERC Staff, EMCOS, Complainant-Aligned Parties
Dec 19 EL15-21 NEPGA files answer to ISO-NE response and other comments on its Complaint
Dec 19 Order 676-H Compliance: Sched 24 Revs ER15-519 NEPOOL submits comments supporting ISO-NE waiver requests and OATT compliance changes
Dec 19 Regional Report ER08-54 ISO-NE files 25th quarterly report regarding Non-Generating Resource Regulation Market Participation
Dec 18 Base ROE Complaints
(2012 & 2014)
Active participants file discovery plan report
Dec 18 Admin AD12-12 FERC staff issues 8th and final quarterly update on national and regional Gas-Electric Coordination Activities
Dec 17 PRD Reserve Market Changes ER15-257  EnerNOC answers NEPGA Nov 21 protest
Dec 17 Hawkes Meadow Waiver Request ER15-447 Hawkes Meadow withdraws waiver request 
Dec 16 New Entry Pricing Rule Complaint EL15-23 Responses filed by: ISO-NE, NEPOOL; Supporting Comments filed by: EPSA/NEPGAEntergy; Protests filed by: NESCOE; CT PURA, Public Systems 
Dec 16 FCA9 Info Filing: New Import Capac. Resources ER15-640 ISO-NE submits informational filing for FCA9 qualification of certain New Import Capacity Resources; comment date Dec 23  
Dec 16 NEPGA DR Capac. Complaint EL15-21 CT PURA moves to lodge Dec 15 DC Circuit’s order extending the stay of the mandate in EPSA v. FERC
Dec 16 Schedule 21-NU: LCRAs ER5-332 et al. FERC accepts cancellation of individually filed LCRAs (standardized LCRAs executed/reported in EQRs)
Dec 15 Importers’ FCA Offers Revisions/ Mitigation EL14-99
FERC conditionally accepts ISO-NE Response to Show Cause Order, effective Oct 17, 2014, subject to 2 compliance filings
Dec 15 Base ROE Complaint (2011) EL11-66 FERC issues tolling order affording it additional time to consider TOs’ request for clarification and rehearing  
Dec 12  FAP Changes ER15-593 NEPOOL files supplemental comments
Dec 12 126th Agreement  ER15-238 FERC accepts 126th Agreement (Common Provisional Group Member), effective Nov 1, 2014
Dec 12 NOPR: Interstate Nat Gas Pipeline and Public Utility Scheduling Coordination  RM14-2 FERC requests ISO-NE respond to data request regarding the impact on reliable and efficient operations of natural gas-fired generators running out of their daily nomination of natural gas transportation service during the morning electric ramp, to the extent it occurs
Dec 12 Regional Interest ER15-210 FERC accepts cancellation of NEP/Centennial Island Hydro Interconnection Agreement 
Dec 12 CSO Termination ER15-150  FERC accepts termination of Brookfield White Plain Hydro CSO (617)
Dec 12 CSO Termination ER15-149 FERC accepts termination of 32 Constellation CSOs 
Dec 12 CSO Termination ER15-148 FERC accepts termination of 13 Direct Energy Business CSOs
Dec 12 CSO Termination ER15-147 FERC accepts termination of 4 Enerwise CSOs
Dec 11 Information Policy Clean-Up Changes ER15-600 ISO and NEPOOL jointly file corrected Tariff sheets reflecting clean-up changes described in Dec 8 filing letter
Dec 11 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200 ISO-NE and NU answer CPV Dec 8 answer
Dec 11 LVA/PSNH IA Complaint EL15-9 PSNH answers Oct 23 Lower Village Hydroelectric Associates  complaint
Dec 10 2018/19 ICR-Related Values and HQICCs ER15-325 ISO-NE answers NEPOOL and NESCOE comments
Dec 10 Capital Projects Report - 2014 Q3 ER15-115  FERC accepts 2014 Q3 Report
Dec 10 2015 NESCOE Budget  ER15-113 FERC accepts 2015 NESCOE Budget
Dec 10 2015 ISO-NE Budgets ER15-112 FERC accepts 2015 ISO-NE Administrative Costs and Capital Budgets
Dec 9 Implications of EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan AD15-4 FERC issues notice of a series of tech. conferences to discuss implications of compliance approaches to the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan.  A first national overview technical conference will be held on Feb 19, 2015, with an Eastern region meeting to follow on Mar 11
Dec 8 Winter 2014/15 Reliability Prog. ER14-2407 ISO-NE files 1st progress report on efforts to develop a proposal to address future winters' reliability concerns
Dec 8 PRD Reserve Market Changes ER15-257 NEPOOL answers NEPGA's Nov 21 pleading, urging the FERC to reject NEPGA’s requests and accept the PRD
Reserves Changes as filed, effective Jan 12, 2015
Dec 8 Information Policy Clean-Up Changes ER15-600 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file clean-up changes to the Information Policy; comment date Dec 29
Dec 8 Opinion 531-A Compliance Filing ER15-414 EMCOSComplaint-Aligned Parties protest TOs compliance filing
Dec 8 Schedule 23 Amendments) ER14-2585 FERC accepts increased Fast Track Process Fees, effective Dec 8, 2014 
Dec 8 Order 792 Compliance Filing ER14-2583  FERC accepts Schedule 23 SGIP and SGIA revisions filed in response to requirements of Order 792, eff. Dec 8, 2014 
Dec 8 NU/CPV Towantic LGIA ER15-200 CPV Towantic answers ISO-NE/NU Dec 2 joint answer
Dec 5 Footprint CSO Deferral Req'st EL15-60 FERC grants Footprint's request to defer its CSO obtained in FCA7 to Jun 1, 2017
Dec 5 Financial Assurance ER15-593 ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file revisions modifying the min. criteria for Market participation; comment date Dec 26
Dec 5 Opinion 581-A Compliance ER15-584 ISO-NE submits CTMEEC response to Opinion 581-A under schedule 21-CTMEEC
Dec 5 Importers’ FCA Offers Rev./Mitigat'n ER15-117
Brookfield answers Nov 19 ISO-NE answer
Dec 5 CMP/Atlantic Wind E&P Agreement ER15-589  CMP submits E&P Agreement with Atlantic Wind; comment date Dec 26
Dec 5 CMP/ecomaine SGIA ER15-594 CMP submits ecomaine SGIA; comment date Dec 26
Dec 4 NEPGA DR Capacity Complaint EL15-21 ISO-NE answers Complaint; comments opposing Complaint submitted by: Advanced Energy Management AllianceNESCOE; Conn/RI; Enerwise, Environmental Advocates, NGridPublic Systems; Sustainable FERC Project; comments supporting Complaint submitted by: EPSA; PSEG;  Genbright comments; view NEPOOL's Nov 26 comments; NU/UI's Dec 3 protest 
Dec 4 PRD Reserve Market Changes ER15-257 NESCOE files answer
Dec 4 Footprint CSO Deferral Req'st ER15-60 Exelon files limited Answer
Dec 4 CSO Termin.: Plainfield ER15-146 FERC accepts termination of Plainfield Renewable Energy CSO
Dec 4 Hawkes Meadow Waiver Request ER15-447-000
ISO-NE submits answer indicating that it does not oppose Hawkes Meadow Energy’s waiver request
Dec 4 Base ROE Complaints (2012 & 2014) EL14-86
Trial ALJ Sterner issues procedural schedule (trial to begin Jun 23, 2015)
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