The New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) was established in 1971 as a voluntary association of market participants from the six New England States.  The Participants Committee is the principal governing body of NEPOOL, which considers and acts on all matters affecting the New England region’s wholesale electric power arrangements, either directly or by delegation. The Participants Committee is made up of six energy Sectors in which every NEPOOL Participant, together with its Related Persons, is entitled to have a member and alternate.  The six Sectors are each represented by an Officer that is selected by the Sector on an annual basis. A Committee Chairman is elected from among those Officers.  The Participants Committee meets monthly in a New England locale, typically in Boston or its environs, and has an annual Summer Meeting, typically at the end of June, at locations throughout the New England States.  

Mar 3       FERC issues notice of May 1-2 Eastern Markets IMAPP Technical Conference.  
                On May 1-2, FERC staff will hold a technical conference at FERC headquarters to foster further discussion 
                regarding the development of regional solutions in ISO-NE, NYISO, and PJM that reconcile the competitive 
                market framework with the increasing interest by states to support particular resources or resource 
                attributes.  Specifically, FERC staff seeks (i) to discuss long-term expectations regarding the relative roles of 
                wholesale markets and state policies in the three markets in shaping the quantity and composition of 
                resources needed to cost-effectively meet future reliability and operational needs; (ii) to understand the 
                pros and cons of the regions' various alternatives; and (iii) to understand the potential for sustainable 
                wholesale market designs that both preserve the benefits of regional markets and respect state 
                policies. Supplemental notices with further details will be issued prior to the technical conference.  Those 
                wishing to be speak at the conference should submit a nomination form by March 17.

Mar 3       NESCOE issued its Renewable and Clean Energy Scenario Analysis and Mechanisms 2.0 Study, 
                Phase I: Scenario Analysis Report. NESCOE stated that the Report presents an economic analysis of
                various hypothetical renewable and clean energy futures in New England, and is the first phase of a 
                two-phase study.  NESCOE welcomed feedback on the facts and/or data used in the Report.  
                View notice.  View ReportMar 30 webinar.

Feb 23     FERC extends LGIA/LGIP Reforms NOPR comment deadline to Apr 13, 2016.  view order.

Mar 27          Budget & Finance - teleconference.  materials.

Mar 28          Transmission Committee - *teleconference*materials.

Mar 28          Stability Task Force - teleconference.  materials.

Mar 29          Demand Resources Working Group - Holyoke, MA  ISO-NE.  materials.

Mar 29          Transmission Task Force
- teleconference.  materials.

Mar 30          NESCOE webinar (on NESCOE’s Mar 3 Renewable and Clean Energy Scenario Analysis and 
                     Mechanisms 2.0 Study, Phase I, Scenario Analysis) - webinar (see calendar). 

Apr 7            Participants Committee - Boston, MA Colonnade Hotel.  materials.  
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