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FERC Filings - 2020

Filings Below
 March 2020
 February 2020
Feb 28 ER20-1130
New Member: SP Transmission; Termination: QPH Capital; Name Change: Pixelle Energy Services LLC
Feb 27 ER20-1094
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit changes to NCPC eligibility rules, adding Real-Time Dispatch Lost Opportunity Cost NCPC Credits and Rapid Response Pricing Opportunity Cost NCPC Credits 

Feb 10 ER20-973
NEPOOL submits comments supporting ISO-NE's 2019 Q4 Capital Projects Report

Feb 10 ER19-470-004
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit Tariff revisions in response to Order 841 Initial Compliance Filing Order

 January 2020
Jan 31
New Members: Avangrid Networks, TrueLight Commodities, Weaver Wind; Terminations: Great Eastern Energy, Precept Power TransCanada Companies; Name Change: Mercuria Energy LLC

Jan 24
NEPOOL answers Exelon's protest
Jan 22
NEPOOL submits comments on ISO-NE's CIP IROL Mechanism Filing

Jan 13
NEPOOL submits comments on ISO-NE's Dec 27 response

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