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FERC Filings - 2019

Filings Below
December 2019
Dec 30, 2019 ER20-710
New Members: Enel Trading North America; MP2 Energy LLC; and Rodan Energy Solutions (USA) Inc. 

Dec 19, 2019 ER20-645
NEPOOL and ISO-NE file Fuel Security Retention Sunset

Dec 19, 2019 ER19-470
NEPOOL requests 20-day extension of deadline for submission of changes in response to the Nov 22 order in order to facilitate a full betting of changes to be submitted

Dec 6, 2019 ER20-450
NEPOOL submits supplemental comments to provide the FERC with further information regarding the NEPOOL stakeholder process and NEPOOL’s consideration of the interconnection service capability changes

Dec 4, 2019 ER20-395
NEPOOL submits comments identifying concerns presented and reviewed in the course of the stakeholder process regarding the NCFA Rate

November 2019
Nov 29, 2019 ER20-493
New Member: Dichotomy Collins Hydro LLC

Nov 18, 2019 ER20-311
NEPOOL files comments providing additional information regarding NEPOOL's stakeholder process and consideration of the ICR Values and related HQICC Values, including reasons provided by members for not supporting the ICR Values
Nov 18, 2019 ER20-89
NEPOOL answers Exelon's Nov 1 pleading, urging the FERC to accept the Fuel Security Retention Limit Revision as filed
Nov 15, 2019 ER20-394
ISO-NE and NEPOOL submit NCFA Rate Design changes
October 2019

Oct 31, 2019 ER20-264
New Members: Macquarie Energy; SociVolta; Transource New England; Terminations: LifeEnergy; New Shoreham, RI; Emera Energy Services Subsidiary Nos. 3, 5, 7, 8, and 11
Oct 29, 2019 ER20-111
NEPOOL submits comments supporting NESCOE 2020 Budget
Oct 25, 2019 ER20-106
NEPOOL submits comments supporting ISO-NE 2020 Budget
Oct 25, 2019 ER20-107
NEPOOL submits comments supporting 2019 Q3 Capital Projects Report
September 2019
Sep 30, 2019 ER19-2902
New Members: American Petroleum Institute; Dantzig Energy; Energy Storage Resources, Great American Gas & Electric; Madison BTM; QPH Capital; and Verde Group; Terminations: Block Island Power Company; Constellation Energy Power Choice; EverPower Commercial Services; Inertia Power III; and Tidal Energy Marketing
August 2019
Aug 30, 2019 ER19-2724
New Members: Block Island Utility District, KCE CT 1, KCE CT 2, and RoxWind; Termination: Hampshire Council of Governments; Name Change: FirstLight Power Management, LLC
Aug 16, 2019 ER19-2569
NEPOOL files comments on ISO-NE's 2019 Q1 Capital Projects Report
Aug 15, 2019 ER19-2616
ISO-NE and NEPOOL file Amendment No. 11 to the Participants Agreement which revises PA Section 9.2.3 to permit the JNC to waive the Age Limit (70 years old) for ISO-NE Board candidates 
Aug 9, 2019 ER19-2565
NEPOOL and ISO-NE files changes to update the requirements for submitting External Transactions associated with Import Capacity Resources and remove certain outdated Tariff provisions related to dynamic scheduling
Aug 6, 2019 EL18-182
NEPOOL files limited comments to make it clear it has not voted, nor taken any formal action, on NESCOE’s request to extend the Oct 15 deadline for the ISO-NE’s filing
Aug 2, 2019 ER19-2528
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes establish auditing requirements for non-generator dynamic Reactive Resources
Aug 1, 2019 ER19-2520
NEPOOL files 133rd Agreement, which revises the definition of, and references to, Gas Industry Participant (renamed “Fuels Industry Participant”)
July 2019
Jul 19, 2019 ER19-2421
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file changes to (i) accommodate a nested export-constrained Capacity Zone in the FCM; and (ii) clarify the type of data that must be submitted in support of Static De-List Bids and Export Bids
Jul 11-12, 2019 ER19-2387
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit a filing to involuntarily terminate Viridity Energy Inc.'s NEPOOL Participant status and its MPSA with ISO-NE
Jul 1, 2019 ER19-2327
ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly file (i) notice of effective date of monthly (BoPP) FTR auctions (Sep 17, 2019) and (ii) conforming Market Rule changes
June 2019
 Jun 28, 2019 ER19-2292
New Members: Bloom Connecticut Clean Energy; Clearway Power Marketing; Excelerate Energy; Termination: Marathon Power; Name Changes: North Stonington Solar Center; TrailStone Energy Marketing
 Jun 14, 2019 ER19-2137
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file changes to revise the dispatch treatment of resources whose Supply Offers are price-capped in the Day-Ahead Energy Market; ISO-NE requests effective date for all Order 831 changes become eff. Mar 1, 2020
 Jun 5, 2019 ER19-1951
NEPOOL submits comments and protests on the ISO-NE/PTO AC May 22 submission requesting that the FERC: (i) accept the ISO-NE/TO Proposal to the extent it is consistent with the NEPOOL Proposal; (ii) reject those provisions for Surplus  Interconnection Service that deviate both from the requirements of Orders 845/845-A and the NEPOOL Proposal; (iii) to the extent necessary or desirable, direct ISO-NE to engage the NEPOOL stakeholder process to address any implementation concerns regarding Surplus Interconnection Service; (iv) direct that any additional provisions developed regarding such service that are properly considered rates, terms and conditions of service be filed with the FERC and included in the ISO-NE Tariff; and (v) reject the PTOs’ proposal for recovery of actual costs in the absence of a demonstration that their proposed deviation is consistent with or superior to the Order 845 requirement for a negotiated and stated amount
May 2019
 May 31, 2019 ER19-2021
New Members: Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing; Community Eco Power; DWW Solar II; NS Power Energy Marketing; Terminations: Mint Energy, Power Bidding Strategies and Utility Expense Reduction; Name Change: Bridgeport Fuel Cell LLC
 May 22, 2019 ER19-1952
NEPOOL, ISO-NE and PTO AC together file changes to Schedule 22 to: (i) reduce the scope of the Feasibility Study and increase the Reasonable Efforts timeframe for completing that study; and (ii) increase the Reasonable Efforts timeframe for completing the System Impact Study
 May 22, 2019 ER19-470
NEPOOL requests that the FERC approve the Tariff changes submitted in this docket without change or condition, and allow NEPOOL,  through its Participants Processes, to work through any additional implementation details
 May 16, 2019 EL19-1822
NEPOOL files comments on ISO-NE's 2019 Q1 Capital Projects Report
April 2019
 Apr 30, 2019 ER19-1428
NEPOOL files answers to certain protests/comments filed in ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal proceeding
 Apr 30, 2019 ER19-1737
Membership: Michael Kuser
 Apr 30, 2019 ER19-1720
Memberships: AES Distributed Energy, Inc. and Precept Power LLC; Termination: Tomorrow Energy Corp.; Name Changes: Central Rivers Power NH, LLC (f/k/a HSE Hydro NH AC, LLC) and NGV US Transmission Inc. (f/k/a/ GridAmerica Holdings Inc.)
 Apr 22, 2019 EL18-182
NEPOOL, together with ISO-NE and NESCOE, requests joint, public, staff-led meeting during the week of Jul 22 to create a forum for pre-filing discussions without violating ex parte limitations in the fuel security proceedings
 Apr 15, 2019 ER19-1428
NEPOOL submits comments on ISO-NE's Chapter 2B Filing
 Apr 10, 2019 ER19-1550
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit filing to involuntarily terminate the NEPOOL Participant status and MPSA with ISO-NE of Lotus Danbury LMS100 One
 Apr 1, 2019 ER18-2208
NEPOOL submits membership update regarding Kuser application
March 2019
 Mar 29, 2019 ER19-1469
Memberships: Revere Power, Valcour Wind Energy; Name Changes: GenOn Canal LLC; Messer Energy Services; and Enerwise Global Technologies, LLC (CPower) 
 Mar 13, 2019 ER19-1271
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit changes to correct a technical error in the calculation of a “significant decrease” in a resource’s capability for purposes of participation in the Forward Capacity Market
 Mar 6, 2019 EL19-43
NEPOOL submits limited comments on EE M&V Declaratory Order Petition
 February 2019
 Feb 28, 2019 ER18-2208
NEPOOL requests clarification, or in the alternative, rehearing of the FERC's Jan 29, 2019 order
 Feb 28, 2019 ER19-1146
Memberships: MidAmerican Energy Services and NDC Partners LLC; Terminations: BlueRock Energy, OhmConnect and Lotus Danbury LMS100 Two
 Feb 22, 2019 ER19-470
NEPOOL answers comments and protests submitted
 Feb 19, 2019 ER19-1052
NEPOOL files comments on ISO-NE's 2018 Q4 Capital Projects Report
 Feb 8, 2019 ER19-936-000-001
Correction to February Membership Filing (reflecting Feb. 1, 2019 effective date for terminations of Fairchild Companies
 Feb 6, 2019 EL18-182; EL18-196; ER18-1509; ER18-2208
Submission for the Record of the 2018 NEPOOL Annual Report
 Feb 4, 2019 EL18-182
Comments supporting ISO-NE Extension Request
 January 2019
 Jan 31, 2019 ER19-936-000
February Membership Filing.  New Members: Manchester Street, Inc.; McCallum Enterprises 1 Limited Partnership; Terminations: Clear Choice Energy; Covanta Projects of Wallingford; Fairchild Semiconductor and Energy; Noble Environmental Power; StateWise Energy MA; Swift River Trading Co.; Name Change: Tomorrow Energy Corp (f/k/a Sperian Energy Corp.)
 Jan 18, 2019 ER16-551-004
NEPOOL answers ISO-NE's Jan 14 comments, requesting that the FERC on remand reject ISO-NE’s suggestion that its Section 205 filing be deemed an informational filing, and to the extent ISO-NE seeks to revise Section III.13.8.1(a), direct ISO-NE to seek such changes through the NEPOOL stakeholder process
 Jan 7, 2019 ER19-444
NEPOOL answers NEPGA's Dec 20 limited protest
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