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FERC Filings - 2019

Filings Below
May 2019
April 2019
 Apr 30, 2019 ER19-1428
NEPOOL files answers to certain protests/comments filed in ISO-NE’s Interim Winter Energy Security (Chapter 2B) Proposal proceeding
 Apr 30, 2019 ER19-1737
Membership: Michael Kuser
 Apr 30, 2019 ER19-1720
Memberships: AES Distributed Energy, Inc. and Precept Power LLC; Termination: Tomorrow Energy Corp.; Name Changes: Central Rivers Power NH, LLC (f/k/a HSE Hydro NH AC, LLC) and NGV US Transmission Inc. (f/k/a/ GridAmerica Holdings Inc.)
 Apr 22, 2019 EL18-182
NEPOOL, together with ISO-NE and NESCOE, requests joint, public, staff-led meeting during the week of Jul 22 to create a forum for pre-filing discussions without violating ex parte limitations in the fuel security proceedings
 Apr 15, 2019 ER19-1428
NEPOOL submits comments on ISO-NE's Chapter 2B Filing
 Apr 10, 2019 ER19-1550
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit filing to involuntarily terminate the NEPOOL Participant status and MPSA with ISO-NE of Lotus Danbury LMS100 One
 Apr 1, 2019 ER18-2208
NEPOOL submits membership update regarding Kuser application
March 2019
 Mar 29, 2019 ER19-1469
Memberships: Revere Power, Valcour Wind Energy; Name Changes: GenOn Canal LLC; Messer Energy Services; and Enerwise Global Technologies, LLC (CPower) 
 Mar 13, 2019 ER19-1271
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit changes to correct a technical error in the calculation of a “significant decrease” in a resource’s capability for purposes of participation in the Forward Capacity Market
 Mar 6, 2019 EL19-43
NEPOOL submits limited comments on EE M&V Declaratory Order Petition
 February 2019
 Feb 28, 2019 ER18-2208
NEPOOL requests clarification, or in the alternative, rehearing of the FERC's Jan 29, 2019 order
 Feb 28, 2019 ER19-1146
Memberships: MidAmerican Energy Services and NDC Partners LLC; Terminations: BlueRock Energy, OhmConnect and Lotus Danbury LMS100 Two
 Feb 22, 2019 ER19-470
NEPOOL answers comments and protests submitted
 Feb 19, 2019 ER19-1052
NEPOOL files comments on ISO-NE's 2018 Q4 Capital Projects Report
 Feb 8, 2019 ER19-936-000-001
Correction to February Membership Filing (reflecting Feb. 1, 2019 effective date for terminations of Fairchild Companies
 Feb 6, 2019 EL18-182; EL18-196; ER18-1509; ER18-2208
Submission for the Record of the 2018 NEPOOL Annual Report
 Feb 4, 2019 EL18-182
Comments supporting ISO-NE Extension Request
 January 2019
 Jan 31, 2019 ER19-936-000
February Membership Filing.  New Members: Manchester Street, Inc.; McCallum Enterprises 1 Limited Partnership; Terminations: Clear Choice Energy; Covanta Projects of Wallingford; Fairchild Semiconductor and Energy; Noble Environmental Power; StateWise Energy MA; Swift River Trading Co.; Name Change: Tomorrow Energy Corp (f/k/a Sperian Energy Corp.)
 Jan 18, 2019 ER16-551-004
NEPOOL answers ISO-NE's Jan 14 comments, requesting that the FERC on remand reject ISO-NE’s suggestion that its Section 205 filing be deemed an informational filing, and to the extent ISO-NE seeks to revise Section III.13.8.1(a), direct ISO-NE to seek such changes through the NEPOOL stakeholder process
 Jan 7, 2019 ER19-444
NEPOOL answers NEPGA's Dec 20 limited protest
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