FERC Filings - 2018

Filings Below
 January 2018
 Jan 8, 2018 ER18-620
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file update to reduce the Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold to be used for FCAs 13 and 14 (to $4.30/kW-mo.)
 Jan 5, 2018 ER18-539-001
NEPOOL updates January membership filing, changing requested effective date of the termination of Constellation Energy Services' Participant status to February 1, 2018
 Jan 4, 2018 EL18-53
NEPOOL opposes Calpine/LS Power Delayed Resource Complaint
 Jan 2, 2018 EL18-31
NEPOOL answers Clear River’s Dec 22 answer           
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