FERC Filings - 2018

Filings Below
September 2018
 Sep 7, 2018 ER18-2394
NEPOOL and ISO-NE submit Order 844 compliance filing
 Sep 6, 2018 ER18-2208
NEPOOL files preliminary response to UCS and NE SPJ 
August 2018
 Aug 31, 2018 ER18-2371
Memberships: Able Grid Infrastructure Holdings; BioUrja Power; Interconnect Energy Storage; Marathon Power; MP2 Energy NE LLC; New England Battery Storage; NN8; Stonepeak Kestrel Energy Marketing; Tidal Energy Marketing; Vineyard Wind; Woods Hill Solar; Termination: Bloom Energy; Name Change: Palmco Power MA, LLC d/b/a Indra Energy
 Aug 28, 2018 ER18-2204
NEPOOL files comments supporting 2018 Q2 Capital Projects Report
 Aug 24, 2018 ER18-2293
NEPOOL and ISO-NE file changes to the Financial Assurance Policy to modify the methodology for calculating financial assurance associated with Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)
 Aug 20, 2018 ER18-2208
NEPOOL responds to Public Citizen request for additional time and volunteers to defer effective date if 30-day extension of time is granted 
 Aug 14, 2018 ER18-1509
NEPOOL responds to Indicated EDCs request for clarification/expedited action
 Aug 13, 2018 ER18-2208
NEPOOL files 132nd Agreement to clarify that members of the Press may not become Participants or representatives (member, alternate, temporary alternate) of Participants             
 Aug 1, 2018 ER18-2125
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly FCM cost allocation improvements
July 2018
 Jun 31, 2018 ER18-2116
Memberships: AM Trading Solutions, LLC; Clear River Energy LLC; EDP Renewables North America LLC; Village of Hyde Park (VT) Electric Department; Empire Generating Co; Terminations: Entrust Energy East; Torofino Trading
 Jul 27, 2018 ER18-2078
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file changes to permit generating resources to elect a rationing limit in the Forward Capacity Auction
 Jul 17, 2018 ER18-1770
NEPOOL files limited answer to NEPGA Pleading
 June 2018
 Jun 29, 2018 ER18-1910
Membership: Grid Power Direct, LLC; Sperian Energy Corp.; Name Change: Central Rivers Power MA, LLC (f/k/a Nautilus Hydro, LLC)
 Jun 27, 2018 ER18-1770
NEPOOL files supplemental comments to provide additional information regarding stakeholder consideration of changes that was not included in the Jun 11 filing
 Jun 11, 2018 ER18-1770
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file changes to the determination of economic life to provide that the economic life of an Existing Capacity Resource is calculated as the evaluation period in which the net present value of the resource’s expected future profit is maximized
 Jun 7, 2018 ER18-1722
NEPOOL files comments urging the FERC to encourage PTOs in the future to engage in the NEPOOL stakeholder process before proposing changes to the Tariff or its implementation
 Jun 7, 2018 ER18-1509
NEPOOL files limited answer urging the FERC to reject any requested relief that may either (i) short circuit the proposed stakeholder processes (which are now underway) for exploration of potential longer-term market-based solutions to address fuel security challenges in New England or (ii) bypass the FERC-approved NEPOOL stakeholder process for changes to the ISO-NE Tariff
 Jun 6, 2018 ER18-1639 
Noting NEPOOL’s keen interest in ensuring that any future changes to the Tariff or Market Rules to address fuel security issues be explored first through the complete NEPOOL process, NEPOOL urges the FERC to allow the full stakeholder processes for Chapters 2 and 3 to proceed as planned, and to limit this proceeding to the narrow and specific cost-of-service issues presented. 
 Jun 6, 2018 EL18-154
NEPOOL (i) opposes the NEPGA Complaint on procedural grounds, taking no position on the merits of the market reforms advocated by NEPGA and (ii) urges the FERC to dismiss the NEPGA Complaint without prejudice to it being re-submitted following consideration of NEPGA’s requested relief in the NEPOOL process
 May 2018
 May 31, 2018 ER18-1714
Membership: Group628, LLC; Terminations: MMWAC, Palmco CT, Cumulus Master Fund, South Jersey Energy ISO1, VCharge
 May 30, 2018 ER18-1571
NEPOOL submits comments supporting ISO-NE 2018 Q1 Capital Projects Report
 May 23, 2018 RM17-8
NEPOOL supports ISO/RTO Council's request for a 70-day extension of time to Oct 16, 2018 to submit Order 842 compliance filings
 May 23, 2018 AD18-7
NEPOOL submits limited response opposing Commenters' (Algonquin, Eversource, National Grid, NRG) suggestions to the extent that they would not permit full use of the Participant Processes
 May 17, 2018 ER18-1509
NEPOOL submits comments (i) to report on ISO-NE’s engagement with regional stakeholders prior to submitting its Waiver Request; and (ii) to emphasize the importance that any future changes to the Tariff or Market Rules to  address system reliability issues be explored through the Participant Processes
 May 9, 2018 AD18-7
NEPOOL files comments in Grid Resilience proceeding
 April 2018
 Apr 30, 2018 ER18-1485
Memberships: Anbaric Development Partners; Appian Way Energy Partners East; Canton Mountain Wind; GSP Lost Nation; GSP Merrimack; GSP Newington; GSP Schiller; GSP White Lake; Marco DM Holdings; and WATTIFI Inc.; Terminations: AmericaWide Energy; Optik Energy; Name change: Energy Rewards (f/k/a Fairpoint Energy)
 Apr 27, 2018 ER18-1153
NEPOOL answers NESCOE protest
 Apr 12, 2018 ER18-1153
NEPOOL comments supporting PER Settlement Agreement compliance changes
 Apr 3, 2018 ER18-1287
NEPOOL and ISO-NE file FCM Enhancements – Phase II
 March 2018
 Mar 30, 2018 ER18-1223
NEPOOL and ISO-NE file PFP Enhancements
 Mar 29, 2018 ER18-1235
NEPOOL files to terminate Phoenix Energy New England Participant Status
 Mar 1, 2018 ER18-944
NEPOOL and ISO-NE file FCM Energy Efficiency & Monthly Capacity Charge Changes
 February 2018
 Feb 28, 2018 ER18-923
Memberships: Bruce Power [Related Person to TransCanada Power Marketing (Supplier Sector)], CS Berlin Ops [Related Person to Berlin Station (Generation Sector Group Seat)], HSE Hydro NH AC [Related Person to Nautilus Hydro and Pawtucket Power (Generation Sector Group Seat)], and Optik Energy (Supplier Sector); Terminations: Cargill Power Markets (Supplier Sector) and RBC Energy Services [Related Person to Royal Bank of Canada (Supplier Sector)]
 Feb 22, 2018 ER18-897
NEPOOL and ISO-NE file Real-Time Reserve Designation & Settlement Rules changes to become eff. Jun 1, 2018 
 Feb 22, 2018 ER18-847
NEPOOL files comments supporting 2017 Q4 Capital Projects Report
 Feb 13, 2018 ER18-620
NEPOOL submits answer to NEPGA and PSEG pleadings  
 Feb 13, 2018 ER18-619
NEPOOL submits limited Answer to those pleadings and/or requests filed in response to the CASPR Proposal that (1) mischaracterize the NEPOOL stakeholder review process, (2) introduce modifications to, or issues with, the CASPR Proposal that were not previously pursued during the lengthy stakeholder process, or (3) ask the FERC to direct further changes that are not properly raised in this proceeding and/or would potentially prevent full Participant Processes to consider such future changes
 Feb 1, 2018 ER18-704
NEPOOL submits limited comments in response to Blue Sky West Emergency Motion 
 January 2018
 Jan 31, 2018 ER18-767
Terminations: Emera Energy Services Subsidiaries Nos. 10, 13 and 14; Epico USA; Shipley Choice; and WMECO
 Jan 25, 2018 ER18-455
NEPOOL answers FirstLight and Indicated Generators' (Exelon, CPV Towantic, NRG) protests, urging the FERC to accept Annual Reconfiguration Transaction (ART) Market Rule Changes without change or condition
 Jan 19, 2018 ER18-619
NEPOOL submits comments to underscore the progress achieved in the stakeholder process and to ensure that the FERC has a complete record of NEPOOL’s processes and deliberations that preceded the CASPR Filing
 Jan 8, 2018 ER18-620
NEPOOL and ISO-NE jointly file update to reduce the Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold to be used for FCAs 13 and 14 (to $4.30/kW-mo.)
 Jan 5, 2018 ER18-539-001
NEPOOL updates January membership filing, changing requested effective date of the termination of Constellation Energy Services' Participant status to February 1, 2018
 Jan 4, 2018 EL18-53
NEPOOL opposes Calpine/LS Power Delayed Resource Complaint
 Jan 2, 2018 EL18-31
NEPOOL answers Clear River’s Dec 22 answer           
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